Instock Vinyl Flooring

Instock vinyl flooring

Vinyl / Waterproof Wood Flooring in Tallahassee, Fl

LVP ( Luxury Vinyl Plank ) look like planks of hardwood floor and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) looks like natural stone. They are individual pieces of vinyl (not sheet vinyl) so they look like the real thing. Engineered vinyl plank is thicker, usually 8 mm thick, so it’s similar to an engineered hardwood or laminate flooring but offers superior water resistant qualities. Like all engineered flooring, it’s constructed in layers. The top layer is vinyl, the middle is a high density core board and usually there is an attached back underlayment for more cushioning.

Discover an exciting approach to getting the beauty of a wood floor and the performance of vinyl with our highly affordable selection of Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors in Tallahassee. Selected because of its exceptional value, our collection captures the natural character of genuine hardwood planks in durable, waterproof vinyl that you can use anywhere in your home, including kitchen, baths, and other places where solid wood isn’t recommended. Designed for easy care to make your life simpler these vinyl planks are available in many different wood-tone hues to fit virtually any décor scheme.

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    Living room, fireplace scene with wood-look luxury vinyl plank.

    Wood-look luxury vinyl plank.

    Kitchen scene with wood-look luxury vinyl plank.